Maths is a very important subject in primary schools. It is a subject where many  activities are applied. For the past two years our school has been performing very well in maths. We have many different ways of teaching and this enables the pupils to perform well. Our aim is to keep on improving in teaching maths. We are always one of the best in maths.
    We have different teachers from lower primary.Text books used are; High flyer, Maths Aid and other revision books.  We are happy and motivated because pupils and parents together with teachers work hand in hand hence improving pupils performance. We shall keep on improving our grades as we all work together.


Science is one of the vital subjects that is taught in the primary syllabus. It is a core discipline of the chemistry and biology that is taught in the secondary level. 
    The science department has been working to improve the overall performance of the school. We normally have practical sessions that take place at least twice a week so that the learners can be conversant with the environment and provide them a real life situation that is applicable in their day-to-day lives.


Somo la kiswahili limepewa kipaa chake katika jamii. Kags Joy tunalisoma kutoka madarasa ya chekechea hadi darasa la nane.
    Kukiboresha kiswahili tumeeka mijadala ambayo hufanywa na wanafunzi mara kwa mara.
    Pia tunakariri mashairi ya kiswahili yanayoboresha lugha hii ya kiswahili.


English as a subject has been the most prosperous subject in the school. This is from nursery to Std 8. Practically the department has ensured that all pupils speak quality English all the time in and outside the school. We have outlaid programs that will ensure that for the coming timely years the performance in English is thoroughly stablized. This will not only be recognized nationally but internationally.

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